News from the First and Second Grade:

December 12, 2012

The day after the election we asked our class, “What would you do if you were president?” These are their responses.
• I would make war illegal.
• I would make the law no drinking too much beer. I’ll also stop bad things from happening and I absolutely would not want any wars if I was president.
• I would make there be a law about everybody eats cheese curls and cheese puffs and something cheesy.
• I would build machines to dig cellars.
• My rules would be water plants every day.
• I would make it a law for people to be nice to each other.
• I would make a law that you can’t go off the trails at nature reserves because it would hurt the plants if you would.
• I would make sure no one gets hurt. I would put cameras in everyone’s house and flying cameras.
• I would make it illegal for drugs.
• If I was president I would be a good one and help people from all around the world do good stuff like giving them food, water, toys, paper to draw on, and games.
• I would say more money for the poor.
• I would want people to stop fighting.
• Everyone has to have at least one dog because I like dogs.
• I would give a hundred dollars to the poor.
• I would make wars illegal.
• I would make it illegal to smoke.
• I would make rich people pay more taxes.
• I would want to make a law no littering because it makes other people have to pick it up for you.
• Everybody would have free sodas and free toys and free beds and free houses and free pets and free cheese puffs.
• I would make people eat doughnuts once a week.
• I would make a machine that tracks bad guys and has a metal detector.


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