News from the Fifth and Sixth Grade:

December 12, 2012

As the weather begins to turn, and we wake to morning frost, our class has spent a bit more time inside. We still find time, however, for winter walking during Bodyworks and some walking field trips as well.
Our current authoring curriculum builds upon the foundation laid during our descriptive writing and poetry curriculum earlier in the year. As mentioned in previous newsletters, our class has walked to the IU Art Museum several times in order to observe, and choose inspiring works. During our most recent visit, we composed poems inspired by the particular works chosen by individual students. We are currently in the process of revising and editing our works. Please join us on Saturday, December 8 at the IU Art Museum for our poetry reading.
Saturday, Dec. 8
11:00 to 12:00
5th grade students and families (meet at 10:45 in 1st floor atrium)
12:15 to 1:15
6th grade students and family (meet at 12:00 in 1st floor atrium).
In addition, we’re moving on to study the elements of art and design. We are beginning with a study of color. Previously we examined the color wheel and completed spontaneous, unplanned paintings using only the primary colors as our medium. Now we are looking at the Fauve movement and experimenting with their techniques. We are drawing realistic subjects, however will render them using untraditional colors. Specifically, we’ll use complementary color pairs and perhaps on another section of the painting use related colors in order to create visual tension. We’ll try to unify the paintings by adding complementary accents of color. So, as you see, we are experimenting with color at this point in our art.
All students completed Geology projects that included both a written and visual component. Now that the geology theme is wrapped up, we’ve returned our focus toward our immigration theme, as well as geography.
In geography, we are examining the parts of a map, and learning to use a transportation map. We’ve practiced determining scale and calculating mileage and time as we use our maps. We are learning to use the indexes and locating cities and towns using a grid system. Hopefully, next summer when families take road trips, the kids will have the skills to serve as navigator! Perhaps the kids can plan the family vacations!
Our immigration theme at this time is primarily centered around the graphic novel, The Arrival, by Sean Tan. In addition, are reviewing concepts covered in previous readings and online activities. Students are compiling a class declaration of human rights, as well as “packing” a suitcase to take as if we are immigrants moving to another country. We are also literally bringing in objects for a real suitcase.

Practice is beginning for the Holiday Follies. We are engaged in art projects, making winter crafts, and also attending the Cardinal Stage Company production of The Wizard of Oz in December, so as you can see, we have a lot going on despite the cold weather!
Scott and Kathy

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