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December 12, 2012

We had a very eventful October in the ECP. First we were visited by the local Fire Department for Fire Safety Month. We learned about smoke detectors, “stop, drop, and roll,” watched a firefighter put on his suit, and we even got to go inside of a real fire truck. We had been singing our favorite “Fire Truck” song all month and we sang it for the firefighters. They were very impressed.

Next we took a trip out to Linda’s place in Brown County with the K -6 class. We went on a fun hay ride through the fields and forests. We stopped at some tall persimmon trees and shook the fruits from the branches. Then we found a nice spot in the woods for a picnic lunch. We also broke up into smaller groups and built forts together.

At the end of the month we celebrated Halloween. We carved pumpkins, spread fake spider webs all around our playground, learned about spiders and bats, worked on a Halloween-themed word search game, and helped make treats like “witch’s hands” (popcorn and grapes stuffed into a glove) and baked pumpkin seeds. We really enjoyed participating in the school parade and watching the older kids show
off their cool costumes.

All of the kids in the class now have journals and we’ve been using them to practice writing, for drawing pictures, and for dictating stories to teachers. One day a group of kids worked on a collaborative story with Linda that was read aloud to the whole class at family meeting.
Recently two of the three cocoons in our butterfly habitat hatched into beautiful butterflies. The kids were the first to notice and they were very excited!

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