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December 12, 2012

December is a big month in the high school, when we hear about the seniors’ plans for the spring semester. We will be devoting our next newsletter to descriptions of the many exciting projects these students have come up with. The High School will also be making its decision about where to go on the spring trip this year and we will be sending out a form soon, asking each family to let us know what they are able to pay. Please get your answers back to us, so we can plan our fundraising targets for next semester. In the meantime, classes are working feverishly to finish up their classes from this term:

In Western Civ, we have just moved on to the soap opera called Ancient Rome, after students did some stellar assignments on Ancient Greece. Topics included choosing three Greek myths and updating their stories for the 21st Century; and designing a Plato-style educational curriculum for our modern-day political leaders, specifying what qualities they wished them to learn and what current characteristics in our politicians they would like to eradicate through it. In December, students will be comparing what they have learned about Ancient Rome to the USA, asking whether similar seeds of self-destruction exist in our society.

In The American Century, we have entered the Thirties and are learning about the Dust Bowl, the New Deal and the Depression. We’ll be enjoying our first Decade Night this month, when students will discover the delights of mashed potato sandwiches, while learning how to swing dance!

The holiday season provides the perfect finale to our History of Food class, which began with hunter/gatherers back in prehistoric times and has followed the impact of food on society through to the modern age. The class will be learning about and making traditional holiday dishes from around the world for a banquet to celebrate the end of the class.

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