Alan celebrates the season in limerick form:

December 12, 2012

Proving Triangles are Congruent (Geometry)
There once was a class about shapes
Who some might consider sour grapes
Triangles we say
Can be congruent is some ways
That is the ultimate logical escape

Solving Equations (Algebra I)
Working with x, y, and z’s
Might make some people flee
But not my class
They all want to pass
So they toil along with glee

Quadratics (Algebra II)
What can I say of x squared?
They might have some of us scared
Quadratics we learn
Until our mind does burn
With the knowledge the Greeks declared

Factoring Higher Polynomials (Pre-Calculus)
The rational roots theorem we did obtain
And entered it into our brain
Complex numbers are next
In our mathematical treks
The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra remains.

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