Updates from Paul’s Class:

November 12, 2012

This has been a particularly fun semester of teaching so far. During first period, I’ve been working with five international students in Americana, a class about American stories. We just finished learning about rags-to-riches stories and Cinderella, now we’ve turned to biographical stories and the current election. We’ll be spending the next couple weeks learning more about the candidates and their positions, and then we’ll have our own mock debate on Nov 5-6.

I’ve also had a blast teaching Cultural Arts of China and Tibet. We’ve spent the past few weeks learning about different Chinese philosophers, including Confucius, Mo Tzu, Han Fei Tzu, Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu, and Chuang Tzu. The students have a choice of assignments: either write a letter from one of these philosophers to the future President of the United States, or to write a philosophical conversation between two of them. We also looked at the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang Di, and this week we’re learning about Buddhism.

During 5th period, I’m teaching Digital A/V Production. In addition to learning how to use sound editing software, we’re also learning to read Western rhythmic notation. Electronic music is all about rhythm, and the more the students understand rhythm the stronger their compositions become. This particular class is very strong musically, and I’m excited to see what sort of compositions they create.

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