News From The ECP:

November 12, 2012

Linda, Chris and Christy (3-5 year olds)

We’ve been crazy about roly poly bugs (AKA pill bugs) in the ECP this past month. We’ve been turning over rocks and logs on the playground
and seeing how many we can find. We also read a couple books about roly polys at family meeting and learned some strange facts like, roly polys breathe through gills, they are not really insects but crustaceans, and they eat concrete.

We got a huge load of pea gravel dumped below the playhouse and the kids have been very busy raking, shoveling, and scooping throughout
the afternoons. They really enjoyed helping Christy and Chris unload it out of Christy’s truck. We’ve also been hammering nails into stumps and painting with plungers while outside. Recently we went on our traditional Signs of Fall Walk through the Elm Heights neighborhood with clipboards, writing down what we observed.

Small group activities have been a big hit so far this year. Every Wednesday Linda and Chris alternate leading our group of kindergarteners, plus whoever else is interested, in focused literacy
and math activities. We’ve gone on “word hunts” around the school, surveyed our friends and graphed the results, worked on hands-on
addition and subtraction story problems with the counting teddy bears, and cut out magazine pictures to write about.

Music has been really fun with this new group of kids. We’ve been having “band practice” where we count beats with percussion instruments and try playing loud/quiet and fast/slow. We’ve been
singing the “Spooky Walk” song, “Purple People Eater,” and “Whatcha Gonna Put in the Soup?” regularly at family meetings.

Art activities have included painting with a salad spinner, a powerdrill, and rubber bands stretched over baking pans. We’ve also been making lots of colorful, scented playdough, and experimenting
with baking soda/vinegar reactions. This school year is off to a great start!

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