News from Sal’s Class

November 12, 2012

As fall arrives in earnest, the High School is settling into its annual rhythms: the seniors are starting to present their project proposals (they have some very exciting ideas – which we’ll be sharing with you in December); the sophomores and juniors have just taken the PSAT; while all the classes are getting deeply into their curriculum and beginning to produce wonderful work for you all to see and celebrate at the Open House on November 12th.

In the American Century, we have been examining the causes of WWI and learning how they still reach out to touch us today. The class will be moving on to the Women’s Suffrage Movement next and watching Iron-Jawed Angels, the HBO drama about Alice Paul and the final fight to pass the 19th Amendment.

In Western Civ, students have just finished their assignments on Ancient Egypt, complete with some wonderfully-made “artifacts” to accompany their written pieces. The class has now moved on to Ancient Greece and is learning about the plays of Aeschylus and the thoughts of Socrates.
Meanwhile, the History of Food class has also arrived at the Classical Age and is learning about the important role that the grape, grain and the olive have played in Western history. Students have taken a field trip to Wild Olive in Nashville, where they were able to taste all sorts of delicious oils & balsamic vinegars and are now planning a sumptuous Roman banquet. They will be raffling off tickets to the feast as a fundraiser for the class. Please support your student when they bring tickets home!

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