News from Jen’s Class:

November 12, 2012

We have a lot of writing going on in our class right now. The kids are always busy creating stories and books. Countless tales told in pictures are always in production. We have also started a unit on “How-Tos.” We kicked off this unit with a “How To Make Colored Beads” lesson. The kids really loved making beaded necklaces with their “companies,” so I thought they would enjoy knowing how to make the colored beads. This unit is also a good excuse for teaching the kids How To Make Stuffed Monsters (similar to the Uglydolls that hang on my classroom wall). We will also be working using and making recipes to share, as well as a number of crazy other How To topics, like How To Escape a Sea Serpent!! And of course, thanks to Sam’s survival book, we all know how to inflate our pants if necessary.

In math, we continue working with place value, number sense, and arithmetic. We are busy getting used to the variety of manipulatives we have in the classroom. We have studied our base ten blocks, begun work with ten frames, and are now moving on to the hundreds chart and number line. We utilize these manipulatives to see math in action!!

We LOVE to read in our classroom. The kids are always reading, reading, reading. I love the book that we are sharing aloud, The Underneath by Kathi Appelt. Read it!!!! We also continue our work around Tales from the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osbourne. We can tell by how many pages (and the fact that this is only Book 1) that Odysseus has a long way to go until he gets home!!!

Check out our class blog to see more: (The password is the name of Jen’s daughter!!)

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