Middle School News:

November 12, 2012

During the first month, we had our middle school orientation in the afternoons. As a group, we created a compact to guide us through the year. We had stimulating discussions, thoughtful reflections, and together were able to condense our core beliefs. Involving students in such a process allows their voices to be heard, and take ownership in holding each other responsible.

Throughout the year, besides our core classes and independent projects, we focus on team- building, personal challenge and exploring the community to extend our curriculum. So far, we visited an art exhibit at IU, had an advisory geocaching challenge and we’ll go to the Indianapolis State Museum to see the Foucault Pendulum following-up on our exploration of the pendulum in science class.

Students are starting their social service jobs on alternating Wednesdays:

Historic Museum: Richard
VITAL: Jacque and Sam
MCPL: Lilith and Colin
Hoosier Courts: Grace and Taliyah
Shalom Center: Wyatt
Wonderlab: Blake and Jeremiah
ECP: Savannah and Ethan
Montessori: Taylor and Naomi
Redbud Nursing Home: Ella and Cordelia
Downtown Recycle: Carter and Austin
Multiage HS: Aiden
Rhinos: Sinead and Griffen
Hillel: Yanai and Zoe
Buskirk Chumley: Simon and Will
IU Neuroscience: Harpo and Anisa

A big thank you to Melissa Larimer for being an amazing PIP coordinator, and all the parents helping in the middle school. Special thanks to Dave Wilcox and Wyatt Wilcox for building the awesome Harmongraph and to Ofer Levy and Yani Levy. Thanks also to Mike Hoffmann for his continued Mac support, Rick Powell for helping with the raku kiln and Nicole Johnson for being available on the spot.

A few reminders:
Open House: Nov.12th. Please bring a friend and take this opportunity to also visit the high school classrooms.
S/P/T conferences: Nov. 19th and 20th (sign-up sheet will be in the lounge beginning November).
Study hall: Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 pm.
It has been a great beginning of the year! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or stop by during our weekly staff meetings on Monday between 3-5pm.

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