Lana and Jeremy (3rd and 4th Grade)

November 12, 2012

This month has included tons of fun in the third and fourth grade class. In science, we transitioned from studying our local ecosystem to exploring with Isaac Newton. We have figured out how to make waterwheels, bent our brains around light, and plunged into Newton’s Laws of Motion. That crazy gentleman jumping from 24 miles high to break the sound barrier in free fall couldn’t have come at a better time! Our goal is to teach the high school students about these laws at the end of the unit.

As writers, we are close to completing our first piece of the year. We’ve brainstormed great ideas, chosen a crystal clear personal memory, drafted our step-by-step story, added amazing descriptive revisions, and edited the story to perfection. Now it’s time to celebrate our accomplishment and share stories and feedback with each other. For many of the kids, this is the first completed story they’ve ever written and they have made so much progress as writers already.

Here are a few more highlights. As readers we continue to explore the kids’ favorite books both in independent reading and in our book clubs. Our math groups are doing place value projects, building foundations for thinking about arithmetic, and using their logical reasoning skills to solve portfolio problems.

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