From Tom’s Class:

November 12, 2012

Literary Criticism students are exploring mystical and human love poetry through the ages and creating their own anthologies. I was very excited and fortunate to have Indiana Poet Laureate, Karen Kovacik visit our class on October 16th. Greek and Latin Roots students have worked their way through doctors and practitioners and are about to learn about scientists as well as Henry II, Thomas Becket and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Ninth Grade American English students have completed an intensive four week focus on vocabulary, grammar and language mechanics skills. While 10th and 11th graders took the PSAT on October 17, we watched “The Right Stuff.” Learner and the Learning Process class began with the choice of two Scottish science fiction novels to read and sand-painting instruction from Tibetan monks. We decided to watch two films about the Dalai Lama’s life before we watched two documentaries on teenagers in Indiana and write the first formal and thoughtful response. We will do some mandala work for display at our Open House in November.

In Creation Magic 5th through 8th grade students learn how to break in a new deck of cards without breaking a new deck of cards. We are learning various shuffles and psychological and manipulative skills.

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