Alan’s Class:

November 12, 2012

In general, taking notes on my iPad and projecting them on a screen in the classroom is working
out very well. It started out a little funky because it was a little hard to write legibly on the iPad
and I was slow at progressing to the next slide in order to continue writing notes. However, I
believe I am getting better and faster. The students are still adjusting to the notes being online
if they miss school. Mostly they are adjusting to my expectation of them to already have the
previous day’s notes and be caught back up, at least note wise, when they return to school. The
students who have looked up their missing notes have given me nothing but positive feedback
about the written notes being on line.

We have progressed through the basic intro of geometry and have already had our first exam; the
students’ average was actually very high. We are now working on studying parallel and non-
parallel lines cut by a transversal.

Algebra I
We are just about to take our first exam. The exam will be on adding, subtracting, multiplying,
and dividing expressions. After our first exam, we will start learning how to solve linear
equations in one variable.

Algebra II
We are almost through are study of functions. After our chapter on functions we will learn about
quadratic equations and three different ways how to solve them.

We have mostly been reviewing topics of algebra II and have had our first exam on the topics.
We will continue to quickly review about functions before we finally move to the heart of first semester pre-calculus, factoring polynomials whose degree is greater than 2.

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