News from the 1st and 2nd grade

October 1, 2012

Every summer I wonder what the next year will be like. How the returning kids have grown/changed over the summer? What the new kids will be like and how they will fit into our classroom “culture”? I am always amazed at how small the new first graders look and how big the second graders look. We are off to such an amazing week. The first few days for us are always so boring. Except for the McCormick’s Creek trip, which is always fun.
It is boring because part of creating the culture of our classroom is establishing and talking about all of the rules, which I like to call agreements. These are the things that keep us happy and safe. These agreements allow the children to have the freedom they have. I think this is one of the most important things about Harmony and helps children to become responsible and accountable for themselves.
If I had to choose one thing that I hope to instill in our students it is this: for them to understand that
they are a part of a larger community, always. Whether it is Harmony, their family, Bloomington, or the world. We are each responsible for ourselves and for leaving things better than we found them, including the people around us. If we don’t do this then the responsibility and work falls upon the next person. We strive to help teach this in our classroom by setting boundaries, expectations, clean-up jobs, student monitors and personal assessments. Yes, there is some organization behind this beautiful chaos that is the first and second grade at Harmony. -LB

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