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October 1, 2012

Kelli, Marty & Ursina
Starting my 35th year teaching at Harmony, I paused for a moment last week and asked myself a rhetorical question “How have kids changed over the years?” After some thought, I came away with the conclusion that kids haven’t changed all that much. Circumstances have changed, a lot has happened–but kids are still kids. Today, as in 1977, or 35 years before that in 1942, young people do what they can to adjust to the present, which is confusing, and a future that is uncertain. We marvel at the speed of technological change & perhaps assume that humans change more quickly as a result. I’m not buying it.
Anyway, here we are beginning another school year. Middle School is actually a time for hopeful enthusiasm. For most students the beginning of a school year offers a chance to “Get down to business & move forward.” As the year unfolds things become a bit more complicated. Expectations evolve–each student having a unique experience even when going thru the same things.
Harmony Middle School, like all schools, tries to give kids tools that they can use to shape their own future. Some of those tools are getting organized, setting goals and developing habits that bring success. In the first few weeks of the year we try to establish group norms. This year we’re going to look at our purpose and what kinds of strategies we can employ to best achieve it. This will be a collective process of brainstorming and selecting the most crucial elements that we can draft into a Middle School Compact. That is the plan—we’ll have to wait to see how it goes.
Some reminders from parent orientation: the school day begins at 9 am, the building opens at
7:45 and stays open until 5:00, we recommend students have a notebook, something to hold small things like a trapper keeper, a backpack, a small flash drive and a library card. Middle
School teachers are available via e-mail (see school phone list) if you have questions or concerns. We also meet on Mondays after school if you would like to discuss matters in person.
Again, we thank you for entrusting your children with us. -Marty

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