Jen’s Class

October 1, 2012

Jen’s (5-12 yr olds)
Jen’s class is off to a great start! We are excited to welcome several new students into our class and to Harmony School. There is a lot of amazing learning already taking place. We are reading, reading, reading — of course. We started this school year reading The Tale of Despereaux together, and have enjoyed discussing the goods and evils of characters. The Boom-Tat-Tat drumming of the mouse council inspired us to pull out some percussion instruments during our read aloud one day! This week we also tackled our first “invitations.” During this time one group of students closely examined a mud dauber’s nest that Jen chiseled off the side of her house. It was amazing to see what was inside!!! Stop by our room if you want to learn more!!
While learning in the classroom is great, learning outside the classroom is even better!!! In addition to the school-wide McCormick’s Creek trip, we have also headed over to Hilltop Gardens to garden, of course, and to the library to read and do independent research. We are excited as we head into this new year!!!! -Jen

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