From Kathy and Scott’s Class:

October 1, 2012

Welcome to the new school year. Our class is geared up and ready to engage in a variety of thematic units and activities and field trips extending upon those themes. By the time you read this newsletter, we will have returned from our annual camping trip to McCormick’s Creek State Park. There, we get to know each other as a community before we begin the academic components of our curriculum. We enjoy biking, capture the flag, communal meals, hiking, swimming, and other games and activities. In addition, camp offers the opportunity to meet with each student in order to establish personal and academic goals for the year.
Our first theme for the year is The Nature of Science and Geology. At first, we will begin by exploring what criteria make something a science. We will work together in groups and individually to explore the ideas and concepts that separate science from other forms of knowledge. Once we have covered the basics of the scientific method, we will explore the history of the Earth by looking at the Geology of Indiana. During this unit, we will travel to the distant corners of the state and use our hands and our minds to travel back in time and investigate the Earth’s history. The culminating event will be a museum display that demonstrates the ideas and concepts the students have studied during this awesome thematic unit.
In September we will have the opportunity to meet as a whole elementary school and as a whole school. By the time you receive this letter we will have enjoyed an afternoon of games with the entire elementary.
Please take a moment to introduce yourself to new families in the hallways and at school events. We extend a warm welcome to Charlise Williams and family as well as Erica Chapman and family. Charlise is in our 5th grade group and Erica is in our 6th grade group.
Enjoy the autumn! –Kathy and Scott

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