News From the 3rd and 4th Grade

May 29, 2012

Jen & JEREMY’s (8-10 yr olds)

What a fantastic year this has been. We are busy wrapping things up. The fourth graders just finished their graduation research projects. Here are this year’s topics:

Abby – Whales
Glen – Cats
Emily – Apollo 11 and Apollo 13
Grace – Taylor Swift
Julien – Medieval Weapons
Ted – Legos
Keller – Chameleons
Elisabeth – Title 9
Doria – Vampires
Juliana – Dolphins
Logan – Snakes
Michael – Space
Sophia – The Twin Towers

Our garden is looking beautiful. We have peas, tomatoes, peppers, corn, squash, beans, and tons of cucumbers growing. The kids have done a fantastic job and are welcome to stop by the garden this summer and pick some vegetables.

This week we will be leaving on our class trip to St. Louis. We have many exciting things planned. Of course we will be visiting The City Museum!!! The Botanical Gardens, The Magic House, and the St. Louis Arch are all on our list of things to do.

Our last week of school, we will be rehearsing for our class play. The kids have done a fabulous job of memorizing their lines and creating props. We will be excited for our friends and family to see our production on the day of graduation.
-Jen and Jeremy

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