News From the 1st & 2nd Grade:

May 29, 2012

LB & CLAUDIO’s (6-8 yr olds)

Our end of the year field trips have been exceptionally enjoyable and satisfying for all concerned, including the parents who’ve come with us. I want to thank all our parents for entrusting your precious children to our care, and for all the ways in which you help us make your children’s lives in our classroom richer. I’ve heard parents say that having a child at Harmony is like having co-parents. Well, for us teachers it’s certainly like having co-teachers. It feels very good to be a part of your family life.

Yesterday we had our last excursion to my house. The recent rain made for a lively creek. We spent all day there and I could go on and on about what the children did, but I’ll let them have the last word. One observation: notice that in some of the comments boys refer to rough play. I did chat with them at one point to make sure they were okay with how their games were going. I think you can tell how comfortable they were. It was not “Lord of the Flies” in the woods, even though they were pretty much on their own with their fantasy play in nature, and roughhousing was involved (“funny fights”). But these kids do have tools for working out conflicts.

• My favorite thing on Claudio and Mary Helen’s house is the water snakes.
• I had fun making a water treatment plant….It worked by diluting clean water with dirty water.
• Claudio and Mary Helen’s place was super exciting because I saw a water snake and I got wet and that was funny.
• I liked finding geodes because it felt like a real adventure.
• My favorite thing that I did there was giving the chickens treats.
• Claudio’s house was fun because last night it rained so there was a river and there was lots of ponds. Mary Helen was growing strawberries.
• I love when we played in Claudio’s river.
• What I liked most…was the big pond. Me and Lucy were soaking wet and it took a long time to get dry.
• I liked going…because I saw a snake.
• My favorite thing to do…is putting my feet in the water for 20 seconds.
• My favorite thing was having a war. Whenever we got hurt we would laugh until we could not breathe.
• I loved being at Claudio’s house because…..1) Geo City is back in business! (And is now called: Geodude City.) And why it’s back in business is because of the Geodude Dance. 2) Me, Lou, and Sam also made a water treatment plant. 3) The watermelon was so good!
• It was fun getting wet.
• I had a very good time playing funny fight at Claudio and Mary Helen’s place.
• What I liked…was there was like fallen down trees that stopped the creek from running so it made like a pond! P.S. Me and Maya swam in it! Oh! Sorry! There were two ponds!
• Yesterday I played a game called funny fights where you tried to sneak up on people and if they saw you they would do things like splash you with water.
• My favorite thing…was going to the creek and in the pond. I got soaking wet.
• I looked at the chicks. I was at the woods. I saw a snake.
• I liked the creek…because we looked for geodes and we saw waterfalls and made dams and the water was cool and we saw a snake.
• My favorite thing was the woods, the creek, and geode city. p.s. Geode city is back in business.
• I really like playing at geodude city because it was kind of like a scavenger hunt. I found about 30 geodes in one spot of earth!
• My favorite thing was rebuilding geode city.

Here’s hoping your summer brings lots of adventures and time in nature for you and your children.

-Claudio and LB

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