News From Lana’s Class

May 29, 2012

LANA’s (5-11 yr olds)

The Multi-age Classroom researched “Something I Wish I Knew More About” and wrote Haiku and Cinquain poems with the facts that we collected. We made yarn prints with our photos from Winslow Woods. We love eating breakfast…ok…we love eating! Scones, bagels, egg biscuits, fruit and nuts have been popular fare. (Some of that we made ourselves!) Morning tea has been enjoyed several days. We have harvested lettuce, greens and radishes from our garden. We re-potted cabbage and sage seedlings and painted identification signs to place in the garden. Our Painted Lady Butterflies emerged last week-end. We have put mallow weed in the habitat hoping that they will lay eggs for a second generation of butterflies. Reading, reading and more reading…..these children love reading and being read to almost as much as eating! Nick has been reading Holes to the class. Also afternoon adventures to parks have been enjoyed with Chelsea and Nick. Nick and Jen ventured to Charles Deam Wilderness area to brave climbing the fire tower. We look forward to packing in some more adventures in the few weeks remaining before school is out for summer!

–Christy and Nick

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