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May 11, 2012

There have been so many exciting goings-on at the school this month – it’s hard to know where to start! First of all, thank you to everyone who made Science, Math & Tech Day such an informative, fun and occasion – who couldn’t love Sweet Pea, the skunk? And welcome home to our wandering seniors! It is great to see you around the building again. We look forward very much to your project presentations – after the spring trip, which the high school will be starting on Sunday, May 6 and returning on Thursday, May 10. (An email to all our families with more details has just gone out. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions,) Other April dates to watch out for are the High School Rummage Sale on April 28 and April 29 – we are taking donations now, so please clear out that closet and bring us your treasures! Also, the juniors will be inviting their families to the Junior Dinner on Thursday, May 3, to share their first thoughts about their senior projects. If you don’t hear anything, speak to Alan or Paul. Finally, please mark Tuesday, May 22 on your calendars as your chance to join the High School for History Night and our annual competition for the Herodotus Cup. There will be displays of your students’ amazing work and a delicious sampling of desserts through history – not to be missed!

All this and more is being prepared for in classes that are reaching their grand finales. In Western Civ, we have just finished learning about the three great revolutions of the 18th century – the American, French, & Industrial revolutions – and are winding up our journey looking at the explosion of ideas throughout the 19th Century. Students will finish the semester off with their final projects, which look at the sweep of Western History through everything from the evolution of science to the history of the wife!

In The American Century, we celebrated our last decade night in Vietnam, learning about that tragic war and the US involvement in it. After a brief visit to the Watergate and a longer debate about the impact of the Eighties, the class is now designing a timeline for the 21st Century, based on all they have learned about what went before. These – along with this class’s other highly innovative work – will be on display at History Night.

In The Art of the Story, we have come to the end of our final book for the semester – Sophie’s Choice – and debating whether there are any common denominators to the great novel. Students will be completing a semester of creative writing with an assignment that revolves around the making of a life-changing choice.

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