News From Lana’s Class:

May 11, 2012

LANA’s (5-11 yr olds)

The classroom has been getting used to their new teachers, Christy and Nick, while Lana is resting, relaxing and awaiting the arrival of the new baby. We have planted our five plots in the Harmony garden with mustard greens, peas, carrots, sunflowers and radishes. We continue to examine ecosystems. We took a field trip to Winslow Woods to photo document wildflowers. Each child chose two photos for use in an art project and identification. We continue to journal in our ecosystems journals. We are doing weekly reading theater which has resulted in some very enjoyable productions. We are watching our painted lady larvae eat and grow hoping to release beautiful butterflies into our garden before the end of the school year. Scones and tea are quickly becoming a popular morning ritual.

Christy and Nick

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