News From Jen & Jeremy’s Class:

May 11, 2012

Jen & JEREMY’s (8-10 yr olds)

This month finds us deep into a variety of projects. In math, the kids have developed their businesses, built their homes, and are happily purchasing items to create their dream space. Kids will continue to offer items from their stores in auctions and sales as well as addressing some life like concerns that come their way. All the while, they will be honing their arithmetic skills through accurate checkbook balancing and other manipulations of income and expenses.

We have continued work in the garden, although, the only things that have come up at this point are peas and radishes. Our ―four sisters‖ garden will be planted in mid-May and the kids are very excited about this.

This last month, we have worked like crazy to raise money to create a bird-viewing area in the Harmony schoolyard. Our class baked and baked and baked. We rose close to $225 for ―Baking for Birds.‖ Just this week, we headed to K-Mart and Bloomington Hardware to research styles and prices for birdfeeders. It looks like we have enough money to create a pretty incredible area for our feathered friends!

Our research projects are coming close to completion. Many of the kids have been researching topics from the 9-11 attacks to Legos. They will be presenting their findings to friends and family in the coming weeks. They are enjoying speech writing and building their Powerpoints to assist the presentation.

Finally, the kids have all chosen a project to build in our afternoon session. The projects include two games that will be submitted to a board game company, a model of an observatory, two skirts, a model of the World Trade Center Complex, a Taylor Swift guitar, a dolphin, and a model zoo exhibition of snakes.

-Jen and Jeremy

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