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May 11, 2012

We’re finishing the last brief two chapters in Greek & Latin Roots, two final ladles of tasty expressive words. I was very glad to welcome Jerry Morgan, a teacher from my own high school in the late 60’s, to this class and to reminisce with him last week. The morning and afternoon Depth Psychology classes will be presenting their research on schools and individuals beginning next week. After discussions of Parsifal & the Search for the Holy Grail, we watched AirBud and The Fisher King. The afternoon class has seen A Dangerous Method, the recently released DVD on Freud, Jung and their patient, Sabina Spielrein. This Cronenberg film depicts the turn of the centory birthing of the psychoanalytic movement and Jung’s transformation of it into his own analytical psychology. It brings to full circle the film we began the class with, When Nietzsche Wept, about medical intern Freud and his mentor, Joseph Breuer and the talking cure.
Ninth Grade American English class is recapitulating language mechanics and looking at the last couple lists of weekly vocabulary words. I’ve been saying poems for National Poetry Month and we’ve been saying Robert Bly’s “Surprised by Evening” out loud together, alternating lines. Of course, the Science, Math and Tech Day was such surprising and diverse fun and I want to thank Prof. Colin Allen and graduate student, Irina Meketa, for their Creation classes and exhibition on animal cognition and anthropomorphic projection. This month my Exploration class is silent reading…shhhh…

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