Emily’s Class:

May 11, 2012

The Cells & Genes class has finally gotten to studying genetics. We have examined class Mendelian patterns to create fictitious — but genetically probable — class babies. Students have researched various genetic diseases and disorders, which have led to excellent discussions about the roles of nature versus nurture, choices about pregnancy and considerations for special populations. The chemists of first period have been busy mixing various combinations of metals, salts and acids to compare the activity of different metals and to witness replacement and decomposition reactions. Watching aluminum foil and pennies dissolve before your lab-goggle-protected eyes is amazing! No less amazing are the analytical skills the students are applying to analyze and quantify the products of those reactions. The students of Botany have been hard at work in their various garden plots. Now that they have tackled many of the spring weeds, they are planting a wide variety of new flowers, perennials and crops in the beds around the Harmony grounds. The vegetable starts that they raised in the greenhouse are ready for transplanting and donating to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard. We also squeezed in a quick trip to Hunter’s Honey Farm – sweet!

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