ECP April 2012

May 11, 2012

Linda, Chris and Christy (3-5 year olds)

Spring has arrived and we’ve been planting marigold seeds indoors, and radishes, peas, beets, lettuce and broccoli in our little playground garden bed outside. We went on a ―signs of spring‖ walk, picking dandelions and noticing the beautiful dogwood and redbud blossoms. One day we took a walk to the IU greenhouse. We really liked checking out the sensitive plants, the insectivorous plants, and the cacti.

We have also begun incubating chicken eggs in the classroom. Each day we open a plastic egg that has a picture showing what our baby chicks look like as they are incubating. We’ve also been learning about the parts of the embryo. They should be ready to hatch any day now and we will have little baby chicks!

The Math/Science Expo Day was a blast. We really liked the cave set up in one of the classrooms. There was also a skunk, spiders, and a red-tailed hawk. The magic chemistry show in the gym was fun, though the loud explosions were a little scary for some of us. In the ECP classroom we’ve been trying out set-ups like the Pendulum Painter, which swings a dripping cup of paint across paper, using gravity to create beautiful designs.

Our Kindergarteners have been working hard on their practice graduation projects, and presenting them at family meetings. The kids chose their own topics to research at home. So far we’ve had very informative presentations on dolphins, penguins, pumas, the brain, how a seed grows into a plant, how fish swim, and how to make rock candy. We’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with for their final projects in May.


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