Alan’s Class

May 11, 2012

Algebra I

We have finished our lessons with solving systems of equations. We have moved on to learning all of our exponent rules and afterwards will finish the semester by learning about polynomials and how to factor them.


I am very proud of my geometry class. We tackled trigonometry over the past 2 months, something that can be a very hard subject. My students took to trigonometry like it was second nature and learned to really love the topic. We have now started our final series of lessons, solid geometry. If we finish solid geometry with time left at the end of the semester, we will go back and look at the finer parts of trigonometry.

Algebra II

We are now progressing with conic sections, mainly circles and ellipses. Because of my love of astronomy, I am trying to teach the class with examples of orbits of planets around the sun and moons around planets. I have announced extra credit for anyone in the class who builds me a working elliptical pool table.


We continue learning the finer points of trigonometry. We have been covering most of the same material that gets covered in geometry class, however, unlike in geometry I have the pre-calculus class prove most of the formulas that we use. We also took measuring instruments outside and used trigonometry to measure the height of Harmony School, as seen from the field. We got about 33 feet. The only thing left is to drop a tape down the side of the school to see how close the pre-calculus class was.

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