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May 11, 2012

KATIE & CLAUDIO’s (6-8 yr olds)

This month we are looking at conflict resolution in a more formal way, after a year of talking a lot about it as conflicts have arisen. We discussed what conflicts are, why they happen, and ways to resolve them. We had the kids list (and then act out without words) a lot of emotions—we want the children to have more words than just ―bad‖ or ―good‖ when communicating with each other how they feel. We will focus on anger: how our body feels when we’re angry, what we can do to cool down, how anger can escalate. We will talk about how to make ―I statements‖ to let other people know when we’re upset with them. We will run through different scenarios and do a lot of acting. The kids enjoy that.

We just had a very serious and fruitful family meeting about rumors. After talking in general terms about rumors, one of the children, who had been the subject of recent nasty rumors (the reason we brought the topic up) spoke up and talked about the rumors and named names. Suddenly the discussion got a whole lot more real (and the kids got very attentive and engaged). To make a long story short, I think everyone got a much better feel for how hurtful rumors are, and as a class we pledged to not spread rumors and to respond to someone telling us a rumor about someone else with a curt ―I don’t want to hear this. Let’s talk about something else.‖

Katie will be leaving our class at the end of April! How times flies, and we’ve certainly been having fun. I can’t imagine having a better person to fill in for LB. Speaking of whom, LB will be coming back for the mornings on the last week of April, to accustom herself and Orrin to being back at school. She’ll be focusing on working with the second graders on their final research reports. Then she (and Orrin) will be back full-time for the month of May, which will be filled with field trip adventures and other projects—especially The Harmony Alphabet Song Book. Each child is illustrating the lyrics, which will be bound into books. We will record the song, and every book will have a CD of our rendition included in it.


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