HS Trip to Red River Gorge: Final Day

May 10, 2012

Today was a long but great day. We split up into groups after breakfast: two vans went to Gray’s Arch in the gorge and two vans went out to Lexington. The hike down to Gray’s Arch was about 4 miles or so; the scenery was beautiful and the students and chaperones had a blast. It was great to see some of the new hikers get so excited about it!

Most of us who went into Lexington met up at White Haven mini-golf. The course was not particularly large or fancy, but there was some fun, friendly competition between students. As we were leaving, Emily noticed a snake attack, immobilize, and eat a chipmunk! Needless to say, we all jumped out of the vans and watched with rapture. Afterwards, a group of us went up to Georgetown to go to the R & R Archery range. They had an indoor range of 20 yards along with two recurve bows and three compound bows for rental. We preferred the recurve bows, and it was amazing to see the improvement that everyone made over the hour that we were there.

Dinner this evening was hotdogs, hamburgers, not-dogs, not-burgers, mac&cheese, coleslaw, potato salad and fixings. After a delicious dinner, we spent some time in Family Meeting talking about our Golden Shining Moments from the trip: times that stuck out in our memory as particularly warm and fuzzy. We ended the evening with some ice cream and a raucous dance party. Enjoy pictures from today:

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