2012 See Harmony’s Brain

April 24, 2012

brain-left-side-smallHarmony School participated with the Jill Bolte-Taylor Brain Extravaganza by creating one of the 22 beautiful brains that will be on display. Barb Bonchek, Marty Belcher, and Emily Sprowles coordinated this project working with many Harmony School students for 3 months to create our work of art on the 5′ x 5′ x 4′ fiberglas brain. Our brain is sponsored by the IU Psychological and Brain Sciences Department and will be on display from the end of April through mid-October in front of the IU Psychology building on the IU campus on 10th street.

An opening reception will be help on Saturday, April 28 at Bloomington High School South from noon to 2 pm where everyone is welcome. This is the only opportunity for folks to see all the brains in one place. You can see more information about this wonderful program at www.jbtbrains.org.

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