Projects with Jen and Jeremy

April 12, 2012

The last stretch has begun and our group has multiple exciting projects going on. Our math unit engages the kids in the yearly Businesses project. The kids have invented businesses like water animals, medieval tools and equipment, fantasy creatures, furniture, thematic rooms, and more. We are learning to balance our checkbooks and write checks to buy new stuff for our house. All of the kids are deep into the process and find themselves in conversations about discounts, sales, fairness, lagging markets, booming profits, and sometimes even saving money.

Another yearly tradition is the Research project. Each student has picked a topic of study. Some examples are vampires, whales, snakes, Taylor Swift, 9-11-01, Legos, Apollo flights, and chameleons. Each child is learning healthy research habits and how to interpret information for meaning. The project will culminate in a presentation for peers and family.

Part of the class has been busy working in the garden. We worked like crazy last week to prepare our garden plots. A number of seeds have been started in the greenhouse, but we are also planting seeds directly in the garden that will hopefully produce some vegetables by the end of the year. One of our biggest projects has been to create a ―Three Sisters Garden.‖ We have actually called our garden a ―Four Sisters Garden,‖ because we will be growing corn, beans, squash, AND sunflowers in the same space. The kids have been creating this new garden space by layering compost, aged horse manure, and other various organic materials that we are finding on our school grounds.

In our work outside, the kids have been real excited about finding wildlife. We have numerous containers of bugs in the classroom. We have found termites, spiders, crickets, beetles, roly polys, millipedes, centipedes, and the coolest caterpillar ever. Thaddeus and Braxton found a Giant Leopard Moth caterpillar. This thing is big and hairy!!! We are excited to hopefully see it go through some life cycle changes.

In math, part of the class has begun a study of fractions. What better way to study fractions than doing a bunch of cooking!!! Next week we will cook every morning and have mini-bake sales each day at lunch. We are working to earn money to create a bird-viewing area in the Harmony schoolyard.

The end of our school year is so quickly approaching, but we have so much to do and so many great things to look forward to.

-Jen and Jeremy

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