Middle School: Final Innings

April 12, 2012

Kelli, Marty & Ursina

To use a baseball analogy, spring break is the 7th inning stretch in a 9 inning game.

A lot happens in those last two innings–classes concluding, grad and independent projects, the end-of-the-year trip, yearbook, parent conferences, science/math/tech expo, the all school picnic, graduation, to name just the “big” things–there are innumerable “small” things that shape the experience of kids moving to the next phase of their life.

The students selected Red River Gorge in Kentucky for the spring trip. Red River

Gorge is well known as a world class rock climbing destination with the Via Ferrata. Other activities include canoeing, swimming and hiking over natural bridges (rock formations) & a visit to Louisville, Kentucky. The trip will be May 7 to May 10. This won’t be a camping trip- accommodations are still being set up but the plan is for a nice in-door facility with a kitchen. More information will be forthcoming as things become clearer.

Parents, particularly parents of graduates, please check in with your child about how their project is unfolding. Students are writing books, making films, taking photos, learning languages, making music, taking dance classes, sewing, leaning martial arts, working with animals, studying the afterlife, the universe, and physics. Their projects will be on display at graduation.

In other news: The Middle School is doing the California Achievement Tests (CAT) the week of March 26. All 8th graders will visit the high school starting the week of March 19. Math/Science/Tech day is March 30 & parents are invited to tour the activities. Earth Day is April 20. Yearbook distribution will start on May 18. Graduation is May 26.


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