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April 12, 2012

As always, Spring Break brings with it the anticipation of many delights to come: the return of the seniors on April 9; Earth Day on April 20; the Rummage Sale, the following weekend (April 28/29); the Spring Trip – which this year will be to Kentucky, at a camp between Lexington and Red River Gorge, from May 6 – May 10; History Night; Prom; and, of course, senior presentations and graduation itself. In the meantime, we have seven weeks of classes left and a lot of wonderful work is going on.

In Western Civilization, we just enjoyed a Tudor Tea, when students made the class delicious 16th century delights – handmade marzipan; little lemon drop cakes; stuffed dates; maids of honor tarts – for us to enjoy while watching Anne of the Thousand Days and learning about Henry VIII‘s doomed marriage to Anne Boleyn. Many thanks to all our talented cooks! Now we are leaving the Reformation and moving into the Enlightenment and the Age of Revolution. Students are also working hard on their final projects, observing the eight eras we have covered in this class through one topic of interest. So far, our histories include architecture, art, science & invention, religion & philosophy; communication; food; law & order; sexuality; music, medicine, warfare; and fashion. The projects will be displayed on History Night at the end of May.

Students from The American Century will also have plenty to exhibit, including their recent ―This is Your Life‖ scripts for Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin; as well as their fabulous soundtracks of the Fifties; which included a great deal more than music. Now the class is moving on to the Sixties, where we are beginning with JFK, Camelot and the Cuban Missile Crisis, before moving on to the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam, which we will devote an evening‘s study to, with the help of a veteran from the 17th Air Cavalry.

In Art of the Story, we have begun to read the classic novel, Sophie’s Choice. Students in this class have done some amazing creative and non-fiction writing that has included their own dystopias; short stories based on the American Dream; in-depth literary analysis; and now their ―plays within a play‖ in homage to William Styron‘s masterpiece. At the end of April, the authors‘ choices will be printed and bound in a collection to celebrate the class.

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