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April 12, 2012

Spring Break makes a natural transition for the semester, and in my classes we have wrapped up our old units and begun with the new. In Critical Comedy we finished up looking at the comedy of race and gender; now we are moving on to examine class and belief. American Popular Music has finished up our look at rock music from 1945-1969, and now we turn to the rock, funk, and punk of the 1970s. Students are finishing up their class presentations and working hard on creating their own compilation CDs and liner notes of music from the ‗60s and ‗70s.

American Language and Culture is celebrating the spring season by learning about and writing our own nature poetry. We‘re working on using vivid adjectives and verbs to make our descriptions come alive.

Finally, in Melody and Harmony we spent our last week before break learning about Bloomington‘s own Hoagy Carmichael. We‘ll be continuing after break to work on bar chords, minor chords, and 7th chords, as well as learn some new tunes to showcase them.

I am also excited to say that for Science/Math/Tech day I am leading two teams of four students in building two theremins. The theremin was invented in 1920 by Leon Theremin in Russia, and Vladimir Lenin was so impressed by it that he took personal lessons. It‘s an electronic instrument that has two antennas, one that controls the volume and one the pitch. By moving your hands near the antennas, you can play different pitches on it. With luck, we‘ll have one or two for you to see and play on March 30th at Science/Math/Tech day!

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