High School: Emily

April 12, 2012

The Cells & Genes class finished our discussions of cellular processes with a look at clones (both identical twins and the sci-fi versions) and chimeras. We are now moving toward the genetics portion of the course. We extracted stringy white DNA from calf thymus and wheat germ (thanks Dr. Bob Togasaki!). This week students will be constructing DNA models from licorice ropes, and then translating them into candy enzyme-models.

In Chemistry, students have been cruising through some basic chemical concepts: ions, bonds, electronegativity, stoichiometry and moles. In the lab, they tested conductivity of various solutions, used chemical and physical changes to identify household powders, and did all sorts of complicated calculations on the absorbance of artificial snow and hygroscopic gels.

The Botany students have been busy creating the new ―lasagna‖ no-dig garden bed for younger students to plant this summer. They visited Brown County State Park and Lake Griffy to learn about forest management, and learned about soil conservation strategies from the Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District. They also worked in the Butler Park hoop house with Mother Hubbard‘s Cupboard, and sampled the sweetest spinach I have ever tasted in my life – yum!

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