Ecosystems with Lana

April 12, 2012

Lately in class we‘ve been working on our ecosystems theme. We planted seeds (that died). Sandy has come. She works at the nature center and she showed us bones and furs. We also got to dissect barn owl pellets. We took soil samples and went to Griffy Lake to go bird watching. Also we‘ve been doing art with Nick. We‘ve made color wheels, made paper with paper, and made self and family portraits. We‘re ending our businesses project. They are imaginary businesses, and every time someone buys something from us we get imaginary money.

Here‘s what the students want you to know:

―We can use the money to buy things. On the last day Lana will give us points on how we did and we can use the points to buy real things. I like this class!‖-Jaylin

―Lately we have been learning about ecosystems. Sandy from Parks and Rec came to talk about skulls and furs. We graphed leaves and animal evidence. We also went bird watching with Sandy. We planted beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and marigolds. We took soil samples at school and at Lake Griffy.‖ -Will

―In class we looked through owl pellets. We found lots of bones, fur, and feathers.‖ -Alex

―My class goes on field trips. We went to the Children‘s Museum and saw the dinosaurs. They were cool. We also got to play with the toy dinosaurs. We also went to Lake Griffy and it was hot. I almost got pecked by a goose. We went bird watching. I saw an owl and it almost scraped me with its claws.‖ –Nani

―Lately we have been working on our independent research presentations. I liked singing the dinosaur song. I also liked seeing the red-bellied woodpecker. One minute earlier I saw an acorn cap. I wanted to show it to Sandy. Climbing the mountain pooped me out. We went to Bryan Park. I loved the spinner. It was so spinney.‖-Logan

―Dear Moms and Dads,

Lately in class we have planted seeds. A girl named Sandy has taught us a lot of stuff. We broke up owl pellets. Owl pellets are owl throw up. We have also done soil sampling. We have graphed animals and leaves. Sandy took us bird watching. I saw a red-bellied woodpecker. We also went to Lake Griffy.‖ –Emma

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