ECP – 100th Day of School

April 11, 2012

We celebrated our 100th day of school last month! The children each brought 100 of something into school that day for us to count. We had a nice collection of pipe cleaners, seeds, stickers, shells, peas, rubber bands, and more. We also searched for 100 pennies buried in sand in the sensory table.

Our friend Harper and her family have moved to Japan for one year, and we now have two new students in the ECP — Monty and Sierra. Both have older siblings at Harmony and they already seem quite at home in our classroom. We’re very excited to have these two new friends join us.

We took our annual field trip out to Linda’s sister’s “sugar shack” in Brown County. It turned out to be a beautiful day. The kids helped gather bags of water from the tapped Maple trees in the forest and we got to see how maple syrup is made. Then we went to Linda’s mom’s house for lunch and pancakes with some of that delicious syrup. The children also enjoyed petting the horses and goats, and we even went on a little hike through a big field, then down into the (very muddy) woods to walk in the creek bed.

The Kindergarteners have been doing some special activities during the morning. They’ve been doing some geography with Linda, learning about all of the different continents. We’ve also been doing Kindergarten story journals, where we read a story, write a journal entry with a picture and a one-sentence caption about what we liked best in the story, and then a follow up hands-on activity. One of the stories we read was Rotten Island by William Steig. The story featured a lot of volcanoes, monsters, and insects. We made our own volcano out of some old brown playdough and covered it with insect figurines to make it look like the ones on Rotten Island. Then we did the classic eruption about five or six times using baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, and red food coloring.

We declared one week this month to be Breaking Stuff Week. We smashed a bunch of tiles wrapped in towels with rubber mallets one day. Then we took the broken pieces and glued them into a collage. We also worked with mortar and pestle to grind dried herbs and colored chalk into a fine powder, then we added a little water to make herbal paint. On another day we took apart a computer and then tried to put it back together. As a grand finale we played Break or Bounce, which involved dropping about 20 different objects off a 12 foot ladder onto the concrete with the kids watching at a safe distance. Before each object was dropped they would shout their prediction — “break or bounce?” It was pretty exciting!


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