Middle School February

March 19, 2012

Hello Harmony Middle School Families,

Here we are, in the month of love, and in no place does one feel the ups and downs of romance more than in a middle school. February is the month that graduation projects begin; plans are set in motion and goals established. As the month passes, students frequently start to encounter their first ―trouble spots‖ in the project. Please keep an eye out for these ―bumps in the road‖ because if we catch them quickly, and modify plans, we can keep students on task and work through it. Students should be working around six hours a week on their projects, sometimes more.

Seventh graders are also working hard on their research and writing skills with independent projects. Important due dates are posted below. As we wrap these up and start on the last project of the year we will encourage students to try something new–maybe something hands-on, or perhaps learn a new computer skill like Prezi. Prezi is an alternative to PowerPoint and can make presentations more interactive. Trying something new can be hard or even scary, but with these new experiences can come a new love. Please help us to encourage students to go deeper, try a new approach, or learn a new skill.

Like always we have many exciting things going on in our classrooms. In Social Studies, students are learning about World War II, and Marty is pushing writing skills with the continuation of creative writing and skill building. In Math, Jason Pisano, our student teacher this semester, has officially taken over as lead teacher and students are learning how to interpret large numbers and statistics by looking at world populations. This has opened up time for me to work one-on-one with students on mathematics skill building. In Science, students are looking at brain disorders, how medications and drugs affect neurotransmission, and how current research uncovers new facts about our amazing brains.

In addition to our classroom activities, we keep students engaged and passionate through community projects. This month a group of students and myself will be participating in an experience through the IU Psychology Department. The experience is to see if students can learn math by using an ipad application. Who doesn‘t love playing with an ipad? We are also working hard on our yearbook pages, whose theme this year is ―Heroes.‖ Additionally, we are getting students excited for this year‘s spring trip by supporting them in writing proposals. We will be voting on where we want to go at the end of the month. We will keep you all posted once we know our location.

Important Dates:

8th graders: Should be working six or more hours a week on their graduation projects and should meet with their committee at least every two weeks.

7th graders:

Final drafts of projects are due Friday, Feb. 24th and need to be ready to present the following week.

All students: Proposals for spring trip need to be ready to present Friday, Feb. 24th. Presentations are best done if in power point form.


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