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March 19, 2012

I love to begin my mornings with Greek & Latin Roots, then Depth Psychology and Ninth Grade American English before lunch and my afternoon fifth period is a second Depth Psychology class!

Both psychology classes are engaged with the second century Roman story of Psyche and Eros after a discussion of the feminine principal in fairy tales and myth.Self-knowledge is the primary directive of this class and I hope students also develop an appreciation and overview of the last four waves of psychological schools and typology systems of the last 100 years.

Greek & Latin Roots classes pause midway through chapter to ponder the first five of ten words….martinet, virago, chauvinist, sycophant and dilettante…those alone unhatched twenty-seven roots and many derivations. We have reviewed and will test next week then continue with manias and phobias.

Ninth Grade American English class is reading and discussing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night with Community of Teachers Masters candidate, Jamison Raymond, who is completing a successful two year mentorship with me. Small groups have been developing research skills to develop a class presentation.

I continue my vocabulary skills building with pairs of students translating grandiloquent idioms, figures of speech and old sayings. Students did very well on our recent open notebook cumulative review of definitions and parts of speech.

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