HS – Feb – Alan

March 19, 2012

We are working on our last bits of writing equations of and graphing lines. We are almost to the point of answering the question that was posed at the time of the last newsletter article: Our ultimate goal is to be able to take information about the depreciation of a car after it is bought and know how much it would be able to be sold for after a certain number of years. Then we would like to know when that car will be worth zero dollars, hence unsellable.


We have started our lesson on trigonometry and some of its practical applications. At the end of this lesson we should be able to go out to the parking lot, take the measurements of how far we are away from the school and the angle we are looking up to the top of the building. With that information we will be able to use trigonometry to tell how tall the school building is.

Algebra II

We have just finished our lesson on matrices and are ready to delve deeper into quadratic equations. By the end of this lesson we will know how to factor quadratic equations in at least 2 different ways and how to solve quadratic equations in at least 3 different ways.


We have already started learning about exponential and logarithmic functions. We will use what we know to study compound interest, exponential growth (like in bacteria colonies) and exponential decay (like the decay of radioactive isotopes).

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