5th & 6th Grad Project Update

March 19, 2012

Here we are in the middle of a mild Indiana winter and the sixth graders have begun their Graduation Projects. This is the culminating project for their elementary experience and will continue the rest of the school year. The following is a list of our 13 sixth graders and their Graduation Project subjects:

  • Ella Antes/Alzheimer‘s Disease
  • Anisa Curry-Vietze/Non-verbal Communication
  • Colin Freeman-Day/Role Playing Games and Dungeons and Dragons
  • Ethan Gerstman/Star Wars
  • Grace Gorman/Farming
  • Taylor Kobylka/Paranormal Activity
  • Carter Larimer/Wolves and Wolf Hybrids
  • Zoe Layton/Women‘s Suffrage
  • Xuan Li/Mao Zi Dong
  • Griffin Loyal/Audio Recording
  • Noah Mueller/Apollo Space Program
  • Simon Smith/Architecture and Computer Design
  • Sam Wilhelm/The Civil War.

These are some exciting topics, so if you get a chance, ask any of the grads about their topics and how their projects are going. By the middle of February, all fifth graders will be paired with a sixth grader and they will begin the process of collecting resources to research a topic related to their partner‘s subject.

This semester, we have the privilege to work with an Early Field Experience teacher from IU, Abi Alyn Grose. Abi was a former work study for the Early Childhood Program and has enrolled in the masters program for elementary education. Many of the current students in the class had Abi as a teacher during their time in the ECP. Abi will be leading a Social Studies unit and assisting in the current Geography unit we are presenting to the class.

During the Life Science unit we have been focusing on scientific classification (kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus and species), the Six Kingdoms of Life, the characteristics of life. We also discussed the Animal Kingdom and the divisions found within this diverse category of life. We will be continuing with our Life Science theme during the afternoons in late February and March as well.

The class just finished up reading ―The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn‖ during read-a-loud. We have discussed the issue of censorship and Twain‘s role as an influential American writer. We had some great discussions about the ‗ethics‘ of using colloquial dialects and language in literature. The next book we will be reading is ―The Miracle Worker‖. We will be seeing performances of both books later in the spring by visiting the Cardinal Stage Productions and the Indiana Reparatory Theater. Look for upcoming announcements about these great opportunities for our class!

The fifth and sixth graders would like to thank all of the families that have been coming in on the weekends to help clean the classrooms. It really helps us to start the week with a tidy room to study in. Also, thanks to all the parents that have helped drive us to our various field trips over the year. We couldn‘t have as much success or fun with our curriculum if you didn‘t pitch in and give us a hand. Until next time,

-Scott and Kathy

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