2009 Bloom Magazine Feature on Harmony

September 1, 2009

In August/September of 2009, Harmony School was featured in Bloom Magazine:

You can learn a lot about Harmony School just by glancing at the lockers. Where in other schools there are uniform rows of monochromatic metal, here each individual locker is painted with the unique artistic expressions of its student user. Bright colors and bold patterns jump alongside detailed renderings of creatures and landscapes and carefully lettered phrases. If you stayed a moment, rather than witnessing the frenzied exchanges that mark passing periods in a traditional school, you would find students taking up residence in the hallway to strum guitars, enjoy slices of pizza, or cuddle with classmates. You may also notice—if you could tear your eyes from the intriguing outfits and hairstyles—that there are no locks on these lockers. Like so much else at Harmony, the very definition of this familiar object has been upended, replaced bya looser, freer concept possible only in such an atmosphere of intimacy and trust. ===> Read More

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